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Ajisai in Tanuki lake

What to do in Japan in June

June means summer in Japan, it’s also the rainy season. The showers tend to temper of the heat and make it pleasant enough for outdoor activities.

Check out some of the things to do and expect during the month of June in Japan!

Hie Shrine, Nagatacho district, Tokyo

Hie Shrine, Nagatacho district, Tokyo

Join the revelry in the Sanno Matsuri

Sanno Matsuri is one of the three biggest festivals in Tokyo. The other two are the Kanda Matsuri and Fukagawa Matsuri. Sanno Matsuri is usually only held during even-numbered years while its counterpart, Kanda Matsuri, is celebrated on odd-numbered years.

The parade starts at Hie Shrine, the shrine that is responsible for the occasion The Hie Shrine is a Shinto shrine. The main god of Hie shrine is Ōyamakui-no-kami. Sanno Matsuri is celebrated in mid-June with a parade winding through central Tokyo.

Hoshitoge Rice TerracesVisit Hoshitoge Rice Terraces

The south of Niigata has some of Japan’s most beautiful rice terraces. Hoshitoge Rice Terraces is comprised of 200 rice fields that makes for an Instagram worthy spot! The fields stretch throughout a sloping hill. The best times to visit are in June and November when the fields are filled with water that reflect the colors of the horizon.

Hydrangea in KamakuraBask in the vibrant colors of the Hydrangea

Hydrangea or Ajisai signifies the rainy season in Japan. There are a number of events across the country that highlight the beautiful flowers. In Tokyo, the Bunkyo Hydrangea Festival  held at the Bunkyo ward is one event to look forward to.

Enjoy matcha season

Matcha is finely ground powder of specially processed and grown green tea. A popular flavor in Japan, matcha is also used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony that centers on the preparing, serving, and drinking of green tea.

Assorted matcha sweetsFrom late spring to early summer is the time when matcha products flood the market. A number of venues across the country host matcha dessert buffets during the season with each buffet offering a variety of creative and original matcha desserts!

If you happen to get caught in the rain, there are also so many other indoor activities to keep you busy. Japan has a multitude of museums, aquariums and restaurants to visit and try on your trip to the land of the rising sun!

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Read all about Japanese immersion learning and studying abroad. Check out our eZasshi archives for more articles!