Spring in Tokyo.

Spring in Tokyo

Spring is the best time to visit Japan and experience the vibrant colors of the season. Usually spring in Japan connotes cherry blossoms which start to bloom sometime in late March in Tokyo.  There are also a number of events that herald the arrival of spring. Check out some of the activities to look forward to during spring in Japan!

Spring in Shibuya, Japan.

Spring in Shibuya, Japan. | Shibuya246

Golden Week

Golden Week has become one of Japan’s busiest holidays, next to New Year’s and Golden Week, Showa Day (Showa no hi 天皇誕生日)
29th of April, Constitution Memorial Day (Kenpo kinenbi 憲法記念日 ) 3rd of May, Greenery Day (Midori no hi みどりの日 ) 4th of May, and Children’s Day (Kodomo no Hi こどもの日)
5th of May. During this time, Japanese businesses big and small are closed to take advantage of the extra long opportunity for rest, relaxation, and festivities.

Spring in Tokyo.

Spring in Tokyo. | cybergene

Cherry blossom viewing

Cherry blossoms or sakura are popular attractions in Japan. Sakura trees are an important part of Japanese culture and history. The delicate flowers are full of symbolism, such as their state of impermanence (since blooms only last up to a week or two) which resonates with the samurai culture and the Japanese aesthetics of cherry blossoms viewing are in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Sumida park and Chidorigafuchi.

KCP students enjoying Kanja matsuri.

KCP students enjoying Kanja matsuri.

Spring festivals

Spring in Japan is not just for sakura viewing, there are also a lot of festivals or matsuri to celebrate the season. Almost every shrine celebrates their own matsuri. In Tokyo, there are several well-known festivals that are a must while in the city during spring. Some festivals to experience are Sanja matsuri,  Kanda Matsuri and Sanno matsuri.